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About Baloo Products

Which size should I choose?

Try our interactive Sleep Quiz to help you find the Baloo that's best for you! Whether you're looking for a weighted blanket to use on a couch or a bed, alone or with a partner - we'll help you find our best recommendation. 


More details about the different size options:

throw vs blanket vs comforter

If you’re looking for a Baloo that you can snuggle up with on the couch or take with you to bed, try our best selling 5.4kg (12lb) Weighted Throw. It is our most versatile size and is the perfect individual size. It's easy to carry, easy to clean, and ideal to give as a gift. Because it's our smallest size, the 5.4kg are actually more concentrated on the body, making it "feel" just in between our 6.8kg (15lb) weighted blankets and 9kg (20lb) weighted blankets.

The 5.4kg Throw is also perfect for couples who share a bed, but who each want their own weighted blanket -- or if one person wants a weighted blanket but the other person isn't so sure! The 5.4kg Throw is a perfect size to try, to see if a weighted blanket is right for both of you. 

Our "classic" size is our King Size Weighted Blanket (152x203 cm or 60x80 inches), which fits just the TOP of a double or king size bed, with minimal overhang. (This helps to prevent the weight from pulling it off the bed.) In the king size, our blanket is available in both 6.8kg (15lb) and 9kg (20lb) options. We recommend about 10% of your body weight as a general rule, but it really comes down to personal preference. If you are over age 65, have joint pain - especially in your knees, hips, or back - or if you tend to sleep on your side, then we suggest going with the lighter 6.8kg option. If you are a healthy adult who usually sleeps on your front or back, and you think you'd enjoy a heavier sensation, then the 9kg blanket may be just right for you.

If you have a super king size bed and like the classic style that fits the top of the bed, then we suggest our 11.3kg (25lb) Super King Weighted Blanket (203x221 cm or 80x87 inches). Don't worry about following the 10% of your body weight rule here! The weight is distributed over a larger area, so the density actually feels closer to that of our 6.8kg (15lb) blanket. 

If you want a larger weighted blanket to share with a partner, or if you just want the look of a larger, traditional comforter, then that's where Baloo's Weighted Comforter comes in. Our Weighted Comforter measures 229x229 cm (90x90 inches) in the king size (which fits king or double beds), or 234x274 cm (92x108 inches) in the super king size. In either option, it's designed to be large enough to drape over the sides of the bed. What makes it special is that it's weighted only in the part that rests on top of the bed. So there's no added unnecessary weight pulling towards the edges. Keep in mind that the comforters still weigh a few pounds more than the weighted blankets of each size, just because they're larger.

Baloo's quality guarantee

Baloo guarantees the quality of each of our products, whether purchased directly or through an authorized retailer. If you experience a problem due to materials or workmanship at any time in the life of the product, please contact us at us so we can repair or replace your purchase.

Please be prepared to provide photos, as well as your original order details. If you received your Baloo as a gift, don't worry! We can help locate the original order details in our system.

Our quality guarantee does not cover damage due to external forces beyond the materials or workmanship, such as: spills and stains, being cut with scissors or pet claws, damage resulting from not following care instructions, or other external damage that's not related to the product quality itself. Chemical-free materials

Baloo weighted blankets are made with chemical-free cotton and lab-tested lead-free glass microbeads. Rest easy knowing that all our products are free from any plastics or harmful chemicals and are safe to cozy up with.

Baloo is the only quilted weighted blanket on the market made with 100% cotton throughout, with no polyester linings or filling. And all of our blankets and duvet covers ship in plastic-free packaging.

Is Baloo cool enough to use year-round?

Heavy doesn't have to mean hot, when you choose a weighted blanket with breathable fabrics. Baloo is the only quilted weighted blanket on the market made without polyester or any other synthetic liners that can trap heat. This makes our blankets very breathable, cool, and usable year-round. The feeling is similar to adding two cotton sheets to your bedding.

We have heard from many customers who are normally hot sleepers, who have been shocked by how comfortably they can sleep with their Baloo blanket.

We recommend placing your weighted blanket on top of your sheet, but under your regular comforter, if you use one. This helps the weighted blanket to mold to your body, while also giving you the option to add or remove layers for warmth as needed.

If you are a very hot sleeper, we suggest using the blanket without a duvet. Although our linen is very lightweight, it does add extra layers.

Baloo's French Flax Linen Duvet Covers

Our linen duvet covers are a luxurious addition to your Baloo weighted bedding. They offer the softness of premium linen in soothing colour options, along with added protection and easier washing. Crafted from the highest quality stonewashed French flax linen, the covers are available in sizes that perfectly fit our throws, blankets, and comforters.

What duvet cover sizes are available?

Please select your size carefully, as our weighted blanket duvet covers for weighted blankets and weighted comforters are sized differently.

  • Our weighted throw measures 107x183 cm, about the size of the top of a single bed.
  • Our weighted blankets are sized to fit the TOP of the bed. They are available in two sizes: 152x203 cm to fit the top of a double or king bed, and 203x221cm, to fit the top of a super king bed. 
  • Our weighted comforters are larger, designed to drape over the edges of the bed. They measure 229x229 cm (for double or king beds) or 234x274 cm (for a super king bed). Because they are larger, our linen duvet covers for Baloo weighted comforters are also compatible with your non-weighted bedding at home. Please measure to ensure a perfect fit, as there is some variation in the market.

Each duvet cover includes fabric ties sewn into the seams, where they match up with loops sewn into the weighted bedding. The larger the product, the more ties and loops we include, to ensure a secure connection.

What duvet cover colours are available?

Our smaller sizes (for the weighted throw and the full/queen weighted blanket) are available in six colours: white, dove grey, oatmeal, charcoal, blush pink, and navy blue. We currently stock white, dove grey, and oatmeal in the UK; charcoal, blush pink, and navy blue ship from the US for now and may be purchased from our US site, Our larger sizes are available in three colours: white, dove grey, and oatmeal.

If there is a colour you'd like to see, we'd love to hear it! Please email us at

How do I attach my duvet cover to my weighted bedding?

  • Turn the cover inside out
  • Arrange the cover flat on top of the blanket
  • Tie each of the loops tightly onto the cover
  • Starting at the open end of the outer cover, pull the cover right side out, and bring the blanket along
  • Once the cover is right side out, the blanket should be aligned inside.
  • Button the closure and take a rest, you earned it!

blanket arrangement

Can I order additional crystals for my Sleep Stone Mask?

Yes! If you would like to try additional crystals to use with your Sleep Stone Mask, these can be purchased here. We offer four crystals: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Purple Fluorite, and Blue Lace Agate.