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Our classic bestseller, in soft and breathable cool cotton. Designed to fit the top of the bed.

Sizes: Throw | King | Super King

Weights: 5.4kg (12) | 6.8kg (15) | 9kg (20) | 11.3kg (25) lbs

Colours: White | Clay

Fits the bed like a traditional comforter, with a bed overhang. Perfect for sharing. 

Sizes: King | Super King

Weights: 6.8kg (15) | 9kg (20) | 11.3kg (25) lbs

The Mini


Coloured with vegetable dyes for all-natural, chemical-free deep sleep.

Crafted from the highest quality stonewashed French flax linen, fits our throws, blankets, and comforters.

Sizes: Throw (107x183 cm) | King Blanket (152x203 cm) | King Comforter (229x229 cm) | Super King Blanket (203x221 cm) | Super King Comforter (234x274 cm)

Colours: White | Oatmeal | Dove Grey | Charcoal | Blush Pink | Navy

Pillowcase Sets


The perfect complement to your weighted blanket and duvet, crafted with the highest quality French linen.

Sizes: Standard (51x76 cm)

Colours: White | Dove Grey | Oatmeal | Charcoal | Navy | Blush Pink

These palm sized speakers work in dual harmony, to help calm your mind and ground you.
Block light for sweet dreams with the Mulberry silk mask with a hidden crystal over your third eye!

Crystals: Blue Lace Agate | Purple Fluorite | Amethyst